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Welcome to Teal & Parkway Homestead, where we are embarking on a journey of learning how to homestead in the suburbs! I'm Jessica, a former educator turned stay-at-home mom living in the heart of South Carolina with my husband and son. After transitioning from the corporate world to homeschooling my son, I found my passion for self-sufficiency and sustainability blooming.

As we dive into our fourth year of homeschooling, I have embraced the challenge of cooking and baking from scratch, aiming to reduce our reliance on big box stores. This year, our focus is on cultivating a vegetable and flower garden while supporting local farmers for our family's needs. Though our dream of owning a vast homestead awaits, we are determined to transform our one-acre suburban oasis into a thriving self-sufficient haven.

Join me as we navigate the joys and challenges of homesteading in a neighborhood setting. I believe that no matter where you are, big dreams can take root and flourish. Let's inspire each other to start small, dream big, and embrace the journey of self-sufficiency together. Follow along as we document our experiences and discoveries on this blog, sharing our triumphs, setbacks, and the beauty of learning new skills in any space.

Hello! I'm Jessica....

A stay-at-home mom in South Carolina, exploring homesteading in the suburbs with my family. Transitioning from the corporate world to homeschooling sparked my passion for self-sufficiency. In our fourth year of homeschooling, I'm focused on cooking from scratch and cultivating a garden, and reducing our reliance on big stores. Join us as we transform our one-acre suburban oasis into a self-sufficient haven, supporting local farmers and sharing our journey on this blog. Let's inspire each other to dream big and embrace self-sufficiency together!

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