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We are embarking on a journey of learning how to homestead in the suburbs! Join us as we navigate the joys and challenges of homesteading in a neighborhood setting. I believe that no matter where you are, big dreams can take root and flourish. Let's inspire each other to start small, dream big, and embrace the journey of self-sufficiency together. Follow along as we document our experiences and discoveries on this blog, sharing our triumphs, setbacks, and the beauty of learning new skills in any space.

About us...

I'm Jessica, a former educator turned stay-at-home mom in South Carolina, exploring homesteading in the suburbs with my family. Transitioning from the corporate world to homeschooling sparked my passion for self-sufficiency. In our fourth year of homeschooling, I'm focused on cooking from scratch and cultivating a garden, reducing reliance on big stores.

On the blog....

Health & Wellness

From herbal remedies, aromotherapy, and beyond...I will share all the tools used for optimal health and wellness in our family.

Homesteading & Homeschooling

We have been homeschooling longer than homesteading, but I will share all the tips and tricks I have learned along the way.


Sharing beginner & budget friendly recipes that you can use to help you replace the need for store bought meals.

Education & Resources

As a beginner homesteader myself, I want to share with you all the resources I have discovered along the way that I found helpful. These are all free or very budget friendly resources to help you feel more confident in your achieving your goals, no matter the space you have available.

Online Courses

These online courses will help you learn and gain confidence is getting started on your next goal.

Books & Guides

These books and guides will help you decide which learning project you want to tackle next.

Local Resources

Everyone can benefit from utilizing thier local farmers and local educational resources.

Like wildflowers; You must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.

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